Well... Just a Flipping Quad (no joke)

So I have two questions.


I have a quadcopter that I built using an old control board.

A while back I decided to upgrade the brains, and the frame to an arducopter and a carbon fiber frame. So after many troubles with my remote (also new) stuff got reversed and I couldn’t arm it… 5 hours later, and I got to arm it! YAYAYAYAY. No. the thing flips over faster than I can say flip.

Back upstairs I go, and go through the troubleshooting tips.

Ok fair enough the board was backwards. Back downstairs (I live in a condo) only for it to still be flipping. Following this I re calibrate everything, still nothing!.

So I double check everything in the wizard. Where I found that my frame is more of an H (side H) than an x. YIPPEY I thought it was over. As per the instructions I changed the props to face the correct direction, take it downstairs, and nope. ALL of the props are going in the wrong direction. I go upstairs and the correct frame is selected (side H) so I read on the instructions page, and it says to revers the incorrect moters by flipping two of the wires. Ok… Thats where im at so far… Im going to test. \

If anyone has any ideas please let me know!

  1. Say I have two motors, and I can makethem into a gimbal like device, can I plug them into the board? or do i actually NEED A GIMBAL?

Thanks again