Well Dang I can't autotune

So I have tuned this copter in the past but suddenly it won’t run a tune.
I have checked my trim and it seems to be right so not sure what I am missing.
IT goes into autotune, might twitch once then just drifts away.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Here is a link to the log.

Also my param file.
06-11-2023.param (17.0 KB)

I’d ask why autotune? It’s pretty good how it is and we can easily fix a few tiny issues :slight_smile:
That may seem strange coming from the biggest fan of Autotune ever! Let’s see if we can get closer to how you’d want it then decide if Autotune is still needed.

I would start with these and do another flight with plenty of yaw. Use AltHold and a bit of Loiter


Some of these will just soften the response (accel) and some are to bring yaw into the same ballpark as pitch and roll. The HNOTCH adjustments are to make sure the notch can go as low as it needs, since it wont go below whatever you have set for FREQ and BW (but will scale up with the ESC data).
So it could be a bit different now, but shouldn’t be unstable or anything too strange.

I suspect autotune appeared to be doing nothing because pitch and roll values are probably so close now, that nothing further could be done - and if you left it a while it probably would have declared Autotune done!
Maybe next time do one axis at a time to see if we can narrow down what’s going on.

And @rickyg32 if you are not using ArduCopter 4.0.x do not post in the ArduCopter 4.0 category. Use the correct category.

Hey amilcarlucas. Sorry about that…
I thought I was in the correct location but it seems that is not the case lol.
Will be more careful in the future.

Shawn…why autotune…I am shocked hahaha.
So sure I can bump those settings into place.
But it doesn’t answer the original question…Why didn’t it run a tune. I had decided to run it as I had made a couple physical changes to the machine and it wouldn’t run the tune.
Also I noticed this weird stop it made in loiter. IT sort of wobbled to a stop which it had never done before.

But why didn’t it run. I don’t see anything different. You know me, I track all my params and compare them to previous so I have a history of changes. There is a slight difference on trim but only minor so I am puzzled.

I will setup the suggestions you provided and see how she goes.

@amilcarlucas is there a way to change categories since I am in the wrong one. Never mind I think I figured it out.

I saw that it was doing a pitch and roll, a constant angle rather than twitching up and down but no idea why. Maybe a bug.

Well it only did the funny stop once that made me think perhaps it’s a problem tune. It could have been wind as well.
But I still don’t understand why it didn’t run the tune. I have uploaded the tweaks you suggested and will let you know how that works.

Well I made the changes to the config per your suggestions Shawn.
Seem to fly pretty good. I was also able to get it to start an autotune. So It must have been an issue with a trim value.
I need to get the logs off and have a look. I still from time to time see this odd bobble when it comes to a fast stop. But in general it flies well. Need to prove that with the logs.

will do that today.