Welcome to new drones-discus category

Welcome to developer area. We are currently in process of setting this new drones-discuss area here on our new discuss server.

If you had account already on old ardupilot.com/forums you can use that in here too. Just let us admins to know your old drones-discuss email address and your account in here and we will upgrade it shortly.

As we try to keep this area highly focused on development issues, you need to be in Developer group to be able to post new topics.

Developer area rules:
New users - readonly
Normal users - read/reply
Developers - create/read/reply

To get added: Contact moderators/admins

Happy developing to all :smiley:



Just an update on posting to this group, in drones-discuss anybody could post to the group with Moderator approval without being a member of the developer team. We are working on a method to allow that to happen. In the meantime please contact a Moderator or Admin to request access.