Welcome FoxtechFPV as a Ardupilot partner

The ArduPilot team thanks and welcomes Foxtech as a new member of the ArduPilot Partner program.


Most already know Foxtech, but perhaps it is better to let Foxtech present themselves:

Founded in 2010, Foxtech, combining professional drone technology and long time experiences, has been working on supplying drone products for many years. We are committed to provide multipurpose, high performance and innovative industrial drones, task-loads, long range data&video link , ground station system and power system to the whole world. Our products have been used in more than 50 countries.
With continuous development and innovation, Foxtech possesses a full range of drone patents and is able to provide multi-copters, fixed wings and Vtol products that are suitable for survey, mapping, power line inspection and many more applications. Our products are highly recommended by high-end customers overseas.

Our highlighted product includes:
GAIA 160 AG- designed for agriculture spray, able to lift over 20kg chemical liquid
GAIA 160 Hybrid- longest flight time over 5 hours, powered by a 2000w petrol-to-electric converter, able to load 3kg payload for long range monitoring, mapping or other purpose.
GAIA 160-ELITE Hybrid: Super light body gives it a maximum flying time up to 7 hours, able to load 5 kg payload at maximum.
Nimbus VTOL- probably the lightest mapping VTOL in the world, only 4.5kg with a 24mega mapping camera, able to fly 1 hour including vertical taking-off and landing
Hunter 290- able to load over 3kg and fly more than 1.5 hour or 4 hour(petrol engine), vertical take-off and landing, perfect for mapping or long range inspection.
Pegasus 300-able to load over 3kg and fly more than 1.5 hour or 4 hour(petrol engine), vertical take-off and landing, perfect for mapping or long range inspection.
NOVA-2000 generator- only 4.5kg, able to generated a peak power up to 2100w, perfect core for hybrid drones.
NOVA-5000 generator- only 7kg, able to generated a peak power up to 4500w, perfect core for hybrid drones, a multi-copter using Nova-5000 can load 15kg payload and fly over 1 hour, perfect for long range heavy load jobs.
Full range of task payload- optical zoom camera, IR and optical zoom camera, IR laser assisted nigh vision zoom camera; survey camera module(full frame or none full-frame), panoramic camera.
Our products are used from Russia to Africa, many tests proved the endurance and reliability of the products

Customer service:
We offer 12 hours live-chat online service and we reply our customer email within 2 hours. Foxtech also provide tailor-made or modification to our customers, our top-quality service has pleased millions of customers in the world.

Foxtech has its own youtube channel and facebook page that attracted over 100,000 fans sharing our posts and leaving us comments.

It’s the support of the community and corporate partners that allows the ArduPilot team to bring to the community the best flight control software and push the team to constantly deliver more, and better solutions.

Thanks Foxtech

If your company wants to support ArduPilot please go http://ardupilot.org/about/Partners#howto


Welcome Foxtech, serious vendors.

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Welcome! very much appreciate your support!

Thank you guys, hope that we can offer better and better products !

Great news.

I’ve been lusting after Foxtech stuff for a quite a while,and I buy stuff off them too.Just not the big stuff with real engines and petrol.Yet. :grinning:

Great news, I too have been lusting after a Nimbus VTOL plane!