Weird rtl issue

So twice now this has happened.

Flying great, hit rtl, and i notice the quad rolling hard to one side. Put it back in stabilize mode and manually bring it in for a landing. Do another flight, hit rtl, and it works as it should. I have a video from today incident, you can see it doing it around 2:33 and i override the controls and bring it in.


here are my log files: … sp=sharing … sp=sharing


SunnySky 1100KV
Pixhawk PX4 w/ GPS
8045 blades
Fatshark 5.8 vtx
4s 4500mAh


A couple of possibilities/suggestions.

No GPS lock before arming.

Compass issues - best way to test this is to put in a short mission - out and back - and check if the ship crabs or can’t make its mind up how to get to the waypoint.

Otherwise s*** happens, even on a good day :smiley:

Edit - seen the video - over water - brave man!


Thanks, Ill have to test it out again. Looking at the log though I did see gps lock even when hitting the RTL.

Ill test again and see what happens.

Bad compassmot interference. I would also encourage you to use stable firmware, unless you’re testing something specific.

Try the following parameters on your copter:
COMPASS_OFS_X -68.146364
COMPASS_OFS_Y -13.155889
COMPASS_OFS_Z 30.172315
COMPASS_MOT_X -3.515443
COMPASS_MOT_Y 4.619673
COMPASS_MOT_Z 2.324001

And if you’re going to fly 3.2, you may as well try the EKF by setting AHRS_EKF_USE to 1