Weird results

I tried using shoe gel to isolate my FC. I’ve owned a couple APM’s now, this is my first attempt at using it on a copter. It is also the first non 3DR APM I’ve owned, I have a 3DR APM 2.6 and pretty familiar with APM:Plane.

So what I’m wonder is if I introduced an oscillation by using this stuff, or possible misinterpreting the data?

I do not have a pic of the 3M tape setup, it’s the thin 3M double sided stuff you get in auto stores/etc. Amazing that the thin tape did a better job… or am I just nuts?


Zip tie is carrying the vibration all the way around so the gel is vibrating with everything else.

Thanks. The APM is not touching the zip tie anywhere, but that has to be it…

I would think this wouldn’t be any different than just attaching one side with adhesive. I’ll try that next it is very hard to find anything that will stick to it.

Doesn’t matter that it’s not touching, the wrap around is the issue.

It’s a clarinet ligature. You could probably tune it with the zip tie and play music. :wink:

Makes sense, today anyway.

I made it one sided. I sewed (with a needle and thread) the APM box to the gel and then the gel to the frame. I works quite well, but no better than the 3M tape.

I was hoping to get those vibrations a little better, I suppose I should start balancing props.