Weird motor behaviour while doing motor test's

oh ok but if I am not wrong, we do have dshot motor outputs in normal firmware also, right?
and does it mean for any 4in1 esc I have to use bdshot capable firmware only.

You don’t need to switch to a non-bdshot firmware to use BLHeli_S ESCs, the signal from the FC to the ESC is the same in both versions. And yes, non-bdshot firmware also has dshot outputs.

The only and quite small advantage of switching is that it’s using a bit less memory and a bit less calculation power in the CPU.

If you have blheli_s ESC’s you should flash Bluejay firmware to them and configure Arducopter for Bdshot.

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The present ESC I am using doesn’t have the bdshot capability and even the manufacturer didn’t mention about bluejay so I think the esc I am using will not support it.

What ESC? Add I would not assume it’s not supported by Bluejay.

Its skystar KO40 40A ESC ( & 35A 2-5S BLHELI_S 4 in 1 ESC.
I tried the test with both the esc which only said Blheli_s and has a 7pin jst connector on board (C,1,2,3,4,Vbat, -)

So are you using a Skystars F411 flight controller?

do you think maybe you need a H7 Skystars flight controller?

Skystars H7 HD PWM Output

It said.
FRAME_CLASS = 1 (Quad)
FRAME_TYPE = 12 (BetaFlightX)

I am only using that SkyStar ESC but FC I am using Matek H743 mini.

can you please recheck it is showing
FRAME_TYPE = 1 (QuadX) to me.

No F411 based flight controller will run Ardupilot.

So, I did try to check if it’s the motor power issue or something else so basically i attached all motors to frame and powered the esc with 2s source and a 3s source to observe if all motors are spinning correctly. I am attaching the logs for reference.
2s test log
3s test log

and in 3s test i did get

1970-01-01 05:32:51.259 Error: Subsys THRUST_LOSS_CHECK ECode 1
1970-01-01 05:32:51.259 Potential Thrust Loss (4)

and in 2s test also my motor 4(motor B) i could obsereve its spinning at less rpm