Weight balance on IRIS


I am planning to buy an IRIS. As I see IRIS can be flown with or without a gopro. That makes me wonder what happens to weight distribution when you fly with a camer and when you remove the camera. As far as I know a copter tends to drift if weight is not balanced. Or one has to trim either in software or on RC transmitter. I wouldn’t like to do that everytime I install or remove camera. Is there some intelligence on IRIS that performs this automatically.


The Iris used to be frankly terrible at handling the weight of a GoPro on the front, and was a major handful to fly. Later versions of the firmware seem much better at coping with this. That said, it can be a bit hard to handle at times. One example I can think of is when the Iris is pointed in the same direction a breeze is blowing. It definitely leans forward and drifts in that case. If you yaw to face the wind, it’s less noticeable. Another trick (if you can call it that) is to fly in Loiter or PosHold mode. In those modes, the Iris tries to maintain its lateral position, which makes it less likely to drift.

Hope this helps,