Web based BVLOS drone operating platform [**UPDATED with VIDEO**]

Would like to share our web based BVLOS drone operating platform.

Some system data:

  • 2 x LTE bonded connections provide bandwidth and redundancy on the UAV
  • Modems can work with 2 different mobile operators
  • SIMs don’t need public IP
  • Drone can be fully operated by remote users, all controls available
  • Payload can be fully operated by remote users
  • All users on same drone page share a conference call audio channel (including field pilot)
  • Field pilot can be present but not needed
  • Controls can be splitted, one site can control drone and another site can control gimbal
  • Acces to the platform can grant different roles and authorizations (pilots, gimbal operators, simple viewers)
  • Remote users can upload and start missions
  • Video/Pictures can be recorded and stored on server and available in gallery tab
  • Virtual and phisical joystick supported
  • User can see all streams coming from each drone of the fleet and take control of each drone of the fleet
  • System can record video of each drone authomatically
  • Controls of drone follow gimbal pov at any yaw
  • Gimbal is provided with a 30x zoom camera, a 640 thermal radiometric camera and an high power light (light can be turned on and off remotely)
  • All controls can be operated by voice commands too
  • Platform runs completely on proprietary servers and DOES NOT use any third party network services

We developed this platform for a security company


Can you leave a link to your platform?

Hello Ethan, it is not public, don’t understand what link you mean.
The address you can see in the pics is just a dev platform.

Platform in action for people interested:

what language used to programme this platform?