Weak thrust VTOL

HI Everybody
I have built my first VTOL quadplane and it is powered by four 2212 1000kv motors for vertical lift.
each motor is supposed to have 800g of thrust, so a total of 3200g of thrust.
my vtol has 2kgs of total weight, but when I try to take off (Qstabilize,Qloiter or Qhover modes), it ascends for just 50 cms with tendency to left yaw and then looses height.
any suggestions and help are appreciated with thanks in advance.
here are the logs:

Looks like you have CG imbalance, or conflicting control forces. Motor 2 is saturated. Or, its windy and due to body aerodynamics it can’t compensate enough.

Thx for your reply, I will check it with hope of being solved.

That would generally be overweight/underpowered. Closer to 2:1 thrust/weight is typical. RCoutputs show this with the 3 motors ~1600us and the 4th maxed out. These need to be closer to 1500us at hover or you will have stabilization problems and Thrust loss errors likely.

Thx dxemxr, it is likely underpowered, I doubt this issue but the motors are 3s max, and I have to substitute them by 4s motors, check everything else and try.
Have a good day all of you.