Waypoints relative to home

I’m wanting to plan some missions where the copters goes up, and fly’s a specific pattern, regardless of its location.
So, the waypoints would have to be based on home position… LIke, start at home, go up, fly 20 meters this way, spin, fly 20 meters that way, spin, return home, land.
But I want to be able to trigger this routine regardless of my GPS location.

Is this possible? I haven’t noticed a way to do it… But it seems simple… the ground control software should be able to see that the waypoint should be whatever distance from home, then look at the current home location, and calculate the GPS coordinates for that position based on home… right?

Let me know if it’s possible, or if it’s something useful that might some day be added.
Thank you.

You should be able to setup a relative mission. If I create a mission at say 80m elevation. When on site, it will always climb to 80m. Oh, no. You want a heading and distance… That’s not going to work if that’s the case.

Yes, heading and distance…
It doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to do…
It knows the original home location and original waypoints…
So it should be able to see the new home position and put all the waypoints the same distance from home as they were from the original home position.

I was actually hoping to do that w/out a ground control station… But now that I think about it, I don’t think that will ever be possible. The copter is just playing back a set of commands based on GPS coordinates… It would need something else to calculate them and upload the commands.

Sorry for replying to an old topic but I would be interested in the solution.
@wicked1, how did you manage the relative flight in the end?