Waypoints for camera trigger insufficient

Need some help on how to deal with this…

because of the way we process images having each photo collected at a waypoint is very helpful because:

It allows us to prevent photos being taken outside our area of operations (for example lead in turns)
It prevents collecting useless photos in turns
It provides better results in pix4d when creating mosaics

Right now it looks like its about 754 waypoints max total.

With a particular camera and the area to cover takes about 432 photos using Do_digicam_control

When I draw the mission up and select display-internal the waypoint marker shows 470 (on the waypoint icon. This makes sense as it 432 pictures and 38 navigation waypoints for 470 total.

after accepting the survey (grid) the waypoint count number jumps to 904 although its still the same number of WP markers the number accounts for the (Do_digicam_control) another 432 of them and an RTL and Change speed for 904 I gather

When I load this mission It does not load …what am I actually running out of? Do the Do_digicam_controls also count as a wp? thus putting us over the 754 limit?

Is there anything I can do solve this in the immediate future?

Can this be cleaned up so we have a special waypoint that acts also as a cam trigger so we dont have to add a cam trigger to a waypoint?


use DO_SET_CAM_TRIGG_DIST and trigger by travelled meters, rather that making a unholy mess with waypoints :slight_smile:

Then it makes an unholy mess of my image set because it just keeps firing the camera and I have 100s of junk photos. Dumping that into pix4d really slows things down as well.

I must not be the only person out there trying to actually take larger size image set…



Set up your survey as this;
WP2(your start wp)
WP3(this is where you move on to next line)
WP4(This ios where next line starts)
WP5(this is where you move on to next line)
…and so on.

It’s a while since we’ve used Pix4D - but apparently it’s still handling extra material badly. - Request a simple crop feature after images are positioned, and you won’t have problem with too many pictures.

those are some good ideas…Ill check into that.

What Im going to try today is to run the mission in two halves and load the 2nd half mid flight in the air and then continue on.

Thanks for your help!

That would be some great functionality to implement some automation around in MP… It would be a PITA to do this manually for every flight.

I agree it would be nice if there was a better solution. We typically capture ~1km² per flight and it’s pretty easy to isolate the problem photos on the turn legs manually and in P4D.

The simplest solution is to use a linux shellscript, and tell it which WP is the first to star" shooting.
then I get the resulting mission in 1sec.

I’ve been thinking about integrating this into ArduPlane/Copter , but the problem is to be 100% sure that the logic “understand” which are the legs amera should be active on.

Despite of some extra data, I have no problem processing the extra photos, and did not really spend any time preventing them from being taken.

Frankly I haven’t experimented with deleting junk photos much but my initial reaction was when I went through and deleted the photos that were junk it appears that it messed up the georeference of the photos I did not delete (although im not certain of this) nor am I sure how pix4d uses the 3dr log file for individual photo location. This is a minor issue though.

It just adds tons of work.

I have 800 photos to deal with shot with tetracam rather than the 450 that it could be.
Thats 350 junk photos per field to download from the cam to the field laptop, then again to the jump drive in the office, then again to asskicker 60,000 image processing work station, then 350 extra photos to color process, then an extra 350 images to convert from raw to jpg, then to either let pix4d deal with or manually delete. At this point thats 30 min of extra work…I shoot 5 fields per day…you see where im going with this? they are dead weight and bog the process down terribly.

I consider eliminating them very high priority… I made some mistakes today trying out the inflight refuel where we break a mission of 982wps into two halves fly part one comeback and loiter and load part 2 got inconclusive results because I didnt clear previous mission…I still think this is going to be a great solution to the problem and I think with practice 2 people could pull it off and add only 3 minutes to mission time or less. I also found that you must loiter very close to GCS antenna (3dr 915mhz) or you get issues writing WPs

Ill keep you guys updated on how it works out…im very confident that it can be done…but not sure if its going to cause a pix4d issue.