Waypoints are cyclically re-requested by copter on SITL

Hi guys,
when connecting the current master APM Planner to a SITL copter 3.5-rc2 it transfers all stored waypoints to the APM Planner - so far so good. But after the APM Planner sent the “waypoint_ack” message the SITL Copter cyclically tries to transmit all waypoints again round about every 4 seconds. It does not send a “waypoint_count” or something else only “waypoint” messages for all waypoints stored in the copter. (SITL log shows “re-requesting WPs [0, 1, 2, 3, 4]”)
The APM Planner ignores those messages but the log gets flooded. All other features (setting/reading parameters, graphing… ) work as normal.
This behaviour continues until you read the waypoint list directly through MAVProxy->Mission->List. (SITL log shows 16 0 -35.3632621765 149.1652374268 584.090027 p1=0.0 p2=0.0 p3=0.0 p4=0.0 cur=0 auto=1 16 3 -35.3627281189 149.1631317139 20.000000 p1=0.0 p2=0.0 p3=0.0 p4=0.0 cur=0 auto=1 16 3 -35.3635749817 149.1634216309 20.000000 p1=0.0 p2=0.0 p3=0.0 p4=0.0 cur=0 auto=1 16 3 -35.3637351990 149.1646575928 20.000000 p1=0.0 p2=0.0 p3=0.0 p4=0.0 cur=0 auto=1 21 3 -35.3625335693 149.1650695801 20.000000 p1=0.0 p2=0.0 p3=0.0 p4=0.0 cur=0 auto=1 Saved 5 waypoints to test/logs/2017-03-30/flight6/way.txt Saved waypoints to test/logs/2017-03-30/flight6/way.txt) After that the retransmission stops regardless how often the wapoint list is fetched by APM Planner.

Seems to be a bug - not sure if its in APMCopter or in the SITL.

All right, as no one has replied by now I will concretise my question.
Has anyone else seen this behaviour on any other Ground station software than APM Planner?
Could it be possible that APM-Planner forces this behaviour?

BTW - Copter 3.6-dev behaves the same way.
Additional Info: It looks like the first 4 waypoints (which have been successfully received) are resend cyclically without any timeout.

Hi Arne,

I’ve never seen this behaviour but I can’t say I’ve exactly looked for it.

Does it happen with all vehicle types (Plane, Rover, Sub)? Does it happen regardless of when you connect APM Planner to it? If you read the list with MAVProxy and only after you connect APM Planner does it still happen?

I tested Plane and its exactly the same behaviour. The requesting starts as soon as APM Planner has requested the waypoint list. The requesting continues until I read the list with MAVProxy then it stops and everything is fine regardless how often APM Planner connects and the waypoint list is fetched.

But if you request the list with MAVProxy before ever opening APM Planner and then you open it, does it still happen?

Does this happen also in a real vehicle or have you just tested SITL?

Hello, I give a rapid try, it also append on rover. But it not appends when mavproxy isn’t launch so I think it is a mavproxy problem.
I try with mavros as proxy like mavproxy did, and the problem isn’t here. If I connect apmplanner through mapvroxy the problem is here.

When fetching the waypoints with the MAVProxy before connecting with APM Planner behaves pretty normal. No requests anymore. Perfect!
Taking khancyr’s observation into account I would say there is something fishy in mavproxy.

Ok, so this looks like some problem with MAVProxy passthrough functionality, you might want to open an issue in MAVProxy issues list.

I open an issue on mavproxy !

Great thank you very much!