Waypoint Speed Very High

While testing the 3.5.2 firmware this week, I flew in Auto mode. The speed the aircraft flew during waypoint following was really high, so I set the speed to a really low value (50). There was no apparent change in the speed the aircraft flew.

In the PARAM files for all the flights, I noticed that the WPNAV_SPEED parameter is 18058. I’m guessing my values are not getting saved and this parameter is way too high.

Upon further testing, I discovered the problem here. I had CH6_OPT set to waypoint speed, which apparently sets the WPNAV_SPEED to a very high value. Once I changed the Ch6 option to none, the problem resolved itself.

There appears to be a bug in the Ch6 option list for waypoint speed.

Same issue here. My waypoint flying was also very high and my S2 pot wasn’t affecting the speed whatsoever. I’ll disable that channel until it’s fixed.

I use this feature regularly and it works fine with 3.5.2. I use a range of 300 to 1800 cm/s controlling with the Taranis S1 pot, no problem.

checked my min/max for ch6 and both were 32.xxx wtf? I didn’t set them to that, gonna try again

I input 1117.6 into WPNav and after disconnecting and doing a mission, it changes to 11070.000 and it flew the mission at max speed. This time min/max remained how I entered them 6.705/15.64 but s2 didn’t do anything. I’ll upload a log later