Waypoint setting in mission planner

Hi, I’m working on a rover which I intend to operate autonomously inside an area surrounded by trees which does has gps reach, I want it to follow particular common pathways which do not have vegetation but the issue is since it is surrounded by trees, while setting waypoints the pathways are blocked by trees when viewing from mission planner, I don’t want to set the waypoints roughly and expect it to avoid obstacles using lidar, is there any way to tackle the problem? Or any other way to set waypoints?

You can use the Learn Waypoints feature by driving the vehicle manually and triggering a Save Waypoint where you want. But due to standard GPS accuracy each time you run the mission it can be off (significantly sometimes). In other words it will “rough” anyway.

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Thanks for the info.!

Write coordinates obtained from Google Earth directly on the .waypoints file. Possibly they will have one or two meters error, but it is a starting point.

Preferably use a RTK GPS, and try a good satellites positioning day.


the circuit is two meters wide and is surrounded by trees, but it is followed reasonably well using RTK.