Waypoint question:

hi folks,
i am not sure, if its a mission planer or pixhawk1 controller problem.

i have planex a survey grid on mission plane with 4 lanes…

drone ( qudrocopter ) start fly first lane - and shoud do a 180 at the end -
to do the 180° turn need a lot of time …

where can i change speed or what ever that the bird do this turn faster …

thanks fro helping me !

regards sascha

ATC_SLEW_YAW should do it. Increase it from the default 60°/sec

thank you for your tip.

i will test ist directly today and give a feedback!

best regards

yes @dkemxr that was what i am looking for !

thanks a lot ! in my system i have there the value 1000 this was to slow.
after i change to 3500 that was quit good working for me !

thanks again to you and your support !

regards sascha