Waypoint Problem


I face a lot of problem in Auto mode, i cannot Arm the motors in Auto mode so i go to Stabilize mode arm motor the switch to Auto mode.

but after i switch to Auto, the my quadcopter has a strange behavior, instead went forward to the firs waypoint, it went to the right, i don’t know what is happened, so quickly i change to Stabilize mode back and the throttle was down, so it descending very fast and crash.
first video you can see the strange behavior of my quadcopter, second one is the result of this fail.
please can anyone help me and give my a way or tips so i can use Auto mode with waypoints.

dropbox.com/s/g2ky6gxldl0ue … ailure.MTS

dropbox.com/s/hezz4s9zsix1y … Result.MTS

Thanks a lot

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