Waypoint not hold the High every loop

I am using 3.2 firmware on my quadcopter F450 with 2.8apm FC
I am making 6 waypoint with auto take off, using Do jump command with -1
Means unlimited loop,

All flight is ok but went it hit minute 2-8 each waypoint the quad will going down abit each lap

at the end about 3 meter from ground i switch to RTL it going up like normal then switch again to auto the quad will continue the waypoint but in 3 meter from ground.

I have try continue the fligh but with 2 lap it will touch the ground

What the problem ?

Please post tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

i have off the log bits, i will make the flight again this week with logs :confused:
Can tell me which type of log i need to used for this?

@ ahmadansari,
See my post above for the answer to your question.