Watercooler question on fpv Video and low Frequency

Since TV operates on 40-60mhz, why aren’t there any/many fpv video transmitters operating lower than 800mhz- 1.2ghz?

I understand maybe public frequency might be restricted to few options, I don’t see any 433mhz video transmitter.

In the US, 433MHz radio operation requires an amateur license.

The 900MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz bands are all unlicensed, hence the popularity of equipment sold here that operates on those freqs.

433MHz and 868MHz are popular elsewhere in the world but may represent a smaller market segment overall.

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There was some low frequency setups out of china but i dont think they were legal anywhere, they ran on strange frequencies like 390mhz and 415mhz or something like that . i have never seen one other than on ali express years ago.

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i stumbled across this if anyone is still looking for something that works lower than 1.2g


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This is great thanks.