Watch my 100mph s800 crash - No idea what happend!

Had a flight this morning - maiden in the s800. Tried to do an autolaunch (TKOFF) but it just seemed unresponsive. Unfortunately lost the SD Card in the crash so can’t investigate the logs.

I’m laughing about it as at least all of the electronics survived! (minus the SD card)

S800 100 mph crash

Looks like an airspeed sensor failure … loosing altitude full speed is the behaviour of autopilot. Do you have an airspeed sensor ?
Note that autopilot switch from TKOFF to RTL …
It needs better description … could be a servo failure ? How do you power servos ? Which board is this ? how did you plan your mission ? …
Also it’s better to have a separate ground control with telemetry to have lightweight logs like tlog etc …

I do not have an airspeed sensor actually. Yes that was me manually switching out of TK OFF when I saw that it was going down to see if autoilot would rescue it! The servos are powered via the Matek F765 and for this there was no mission. It is just an RC input mapped directly to the TK OFF RC Option.

Yes I do have telemetry actually but I’ve not got it to save onto my Taranis yet, I will set that up.

That sucks. Sorry to see it.

The altimeter is still reading 26m in the OSD at the end.

Did you bank? Looks more like a knife-edge maneuver with missing rudder…

I have learned to tape over my SD card slot after losing several cards in crashes. The 3M green automotive tape works great!

Well I rebuilt the s800 and had a successful flight again. However, I would say during auto take-off, the same kind of behaviour was exhibited where during launch, the plane doesnt seem to self level itself and would seem that if left, would circle. I would expect auto launch to level the aircraft. This time I did manage to get the SD card and this get the logs. I’ve had a look and not sure what to look out for with this kind of problem