Watch dog reset error on kakute F7

Hi all,

I had a strange error on my plane running Dev version. I landed after an hour long flight and when I went to pick up my plane, it stated giving errors like motors disarmed and motors armed on my Tx running yaapu telemetry script. I am sharing the links to both logs. first one is long range flight and second log generated automatically after reset i guess.

Now wondering is it safe to fly again? Please check my logs. Thanks.

You had some RSSI related fail safes on that flight. Your failsafe actions are set to 0 so the plane just “continued”. I suggest considering changing FS_LONG_ACT to 1, so you stand a chance of getting your plane back.

I think the plane could benefit from more tuning, especially in roll.

I’m not seeing motor disarm and armed messages in the log. I’ve seen that before with RFD900 TXMOD radios. It seemed to be better once everything was updated. What kind of radios are you using?

Thanks for looking into. I think the error messages are in the second log that I linked above. After landing FC got reset and generated second log. So please check my second log. I will double check the failsafe actions. But if remember correctly, Plane was coming back after signal loss.

I was using dragonlink but only on its lowest power of 25mw through out the flight as I forgot to charge my Transmitters battery. So I stayed at 25mw at even 26kms out.

26km at 25mw? That’s a pretty decent sales pitch for DragonLink. The first log has many failsafe events and the mode did not change (correct per the settings) so you got really lucky you got your plane back.

Yes 25mw with Moxon antenna on the Dragonlink.

Wow. that’s a good find Allister. I will double check it. Don’t know why did it get changed though. Thanks.

Could you please check my second log? Thanks.

Are you sure you are looking at the right log? Because I am seeing mode changing to RTL flight modee11 after long failsafe event.

I anonymized my log with mission planner that I uploaded here and it may have been corrupted

Here is the pic showing flight mode changing to 11.

Here’s what I was looking at. I think I’ve made a mistake because I didn’t notice the plane was already in RTL. That’s why I didn’t see the mode change. Sorry for the misdirection.