Warring motors spin if safety button disable

security alert, copter 4.0.4 with black and kore cube carrier board esc alpha 40 tmotor, safety button disabled, and some engines started to turn, I was configuring an emlid as a gps, so I put the rdf900 radios in raw mode, after realizing this error I tested it several times with the radios in raw mode and every time when I was going to connect how the mp the motors turned, after that I switched to the radios mavlink protocol, and the problem didn’t happen anymore, if I were to make an assumption I would say which is something related to telemetry.

What’s your MOT_PWM_MAX & MIN?

1100min and 1940 max, range of esc

@rmackay9 have you seen this?

Could you make a log while disarmed (LOG_DISARMED 1) and reproduce ?

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I have not seen or heard of this before. As @Eosbandi says, providing a log would be best. That should help us determine if the motors are being asked to turn by AP or not. Just a guess but I suspect it is radiated interference from the (powerful) RFD900 that is being picked up by the ESCs.

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ok, i will make the log as soon as possible. and send it to you