WARNING: Cheap microSD card and 3.3rc7 400Hz IMU logging

My Pixhawk is burned (my macbook almost also) by cheap 2GB NoName microSD.
Be careful with logging almost everything on 3.3rc7 and using cheap microSD card.

It looks like MIC5332 MLF-8-EPAD is burned. Does anyone know is it worth a try to replace it?

It might sound like a silly question, but how does a cheap microsd card cause that kind of damage to a pixhawk or your macbook?

By getting very hot in 2-3 seconds.

I was investigating whats happend (one of engines stop when i was in air, hexa land like in crashdetector), and after testing electronics components (eveything except Pixhawk is working fine) i want to start analyze logs so put microSD to SD adapter and to my macbook. Then microSD start to burn my fingers (very very hot, i wasn’t able to get it from adapter 10 seconds latter). I suspect short circuit in microSD due to high write throughput (but i have no idea how).

I’ve had a similar problem before with a microsd going bad (suspect it had been dropped or run over) as when it was put into an adapter my laptop couldn’t read it and, like you say, it got damn hot.

Just didn’t think it would be hot enough to cause that sort of damage.

How do you know it was the SD card that caused the problem not the MIC5332 that did it?

I’ve personally had a brand new pixhawk with faulty MIC5332 and it does seem to actually be quite common thing for this chip to go wrong.

This chip has internal current limiting and also over temperature shutdown - so if it was a fully working chip it wouldn’t be able to provide more than ~500mA at 3.3V, so around 1.5W, this kind of power would not be able to cause a damage you are showing there.
On top of the current limiting there is a thermal shutdown - once things get too hot, the chip will just shut down and not provide any power - this is again before any kind of damage occurs.

I think you got your cause and effect wrong - it was the faulty MIC5332 that damaged the SD card, not the other way.

After a little research I change my mind. Your version is more probable. My 3.3rc7 logging is only accidental correlation.

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