Warning and Critical Error when Arming and Disarming in QGroundControl using SITL

Hi, I’m using QGroundControl and have my simulated vehicle (Dronekit-SITL) connected via TCP:5760. When arming and disarming, the message displayed with weird characters. Does anyone know this problem? Thanks!

There are few modes in which you cannot arm your vehicle. Change the mode to Stabilize, arm your vehicle and then change to your desired mode.

Thanks. Your answer is quite helpful!

However, if I enable the pre-arm check, the vehicle seems cannot arm properly and prompts “Need 3d fix”. The screenshot of this problem is attached below. Do you have any idea why this happened? Thank you very much!

And after reading the documentation I think this is because I disabled GPS and enabled EK3_GPS_TYPE = 3.

Also, make sure you outdoors with a clear view of the sky, so that the GPS can get a fix.

Hi Eric ! I have the same problem . How did you fix it ? Would you explain please ? I have an assignment which is deadline in two days.