Wapoint Accuracy

Hi All,

I know its been worked on for some time but can someone confirm or deny that 3.1.0 now supports waypoints as ints?
If so, has APM Planner/Mission Planner been updated to support this functionity?

Any ideas on what sort of accuracy this now provides (considering I am using RTK GPS).

Thanks in advance

Anyone able to answer this for me?

You could look at the code :slight_smile:

Yes ArduPilot supports INTs for its waypoints now. I don’t know if Mission Planner has been updated to support it. Post the question in the MissionPlanner forum I reckon.

Thanks, Grant.

Thanks for the response.

I will follow up on the mission planner forum as suggested however I am planning to send my own missions through mav proxy.


This thread should answer your question.