Want to tilt on start

Hello @ all,

I’m flying a F450 Frame with Carbon arms, Hobbywing 40 Amp ESC’s. T-Motor 2814-10 KV 770 and
PixHawk2 .
Everytime when i’m powering and arm the copter ( Stabilized ) and give just one click of throttle the motors
are accelerating very fast and hard. When i try to start the copter tillts left or right very fast and it flips. Same whe i’m traying in loiter. I’m disarming the copter and rearm it with the throttle stick hold in right positio for 10 sec. The LED’s starting to flash and AutoTrim starts, I’m arming the copter again switch to loiter and it takes of without any problems. It flys great when it is in the air.
Do i miss something on startup ?
How can i get rid of that ?
I have attachted a LOG file.2017-10-04 18-02-40.bin (906.4 KB)

Thanks in advance

Since your question is ArduCopter specific, you may have better luck posting in the ArduCopter category.

In general, this category (Hardware) is for hardware-specific questions.