Want motors at idle with throttle at 50%

Pardon a newbie… my operational and flight experience has been with Phantom 2 and Blade 350 QX3 and H4 Quad with Eagle Tree Vector flight controller and only been in it for about a month. I use a Spektrum DX8 transmitter with spring-loaded throttle to center . I’ve setup the Arducopter to arm with motors spinning but have to hold the throttle down, otherwise it revs up if I let it center. I’d like to set it up so after I arm the motors and release the throttle stick to center, it stays at idle speed until I push it up passed the 50% (center position) and fully proportional from then on of full throttle/motor response range. This will standardize the operation and behavior just like the other three and maintain safety so no inadvertent throttle up can happen, in case I forget or throttle stick slips off from full down position. How or where can I make this setting?

Thank you very much in advance.

Arming and flying in PosHold will do that.

Sorry, I guess I didn’t specify. After it arms while it’s on the ground and idling, I’d like it to stay idling, sitting on the ground, as the throttle centers back (50% position). It won’t rev up until I’m ready to fly and push the throttle up. I hope that makes better sense.


Sorry, I wasn’t specific enough. When I arm the motors, the throttle is at the bottom right corner. As long as I keep the throttle stick on the bottom, it just stays idling. The moment I start to release as the spring will bring it back to middle center position, the motors proportionally rev up. On my Phantom 2, QX3 and Q500, as soon as the motors arm and spinning at idle. I can release the throttle that springs back to its center position. I want the same thing where it stays idling after the motors are armed and I release the throttle. I can get my hands off the tx completely and as long as I don’t push it up from its center position, they stay idling . Right now, if I start to release the throttle, the motors start to rev up. I hope that clarifies what I’m trying to achieve.