WalMart SV GPS $88.55

Maybe their price-point will trickle down to Targets’ $72.18 eventually, on sale?
I’ve always had better luck at Target customer service than WM.

Really? I’ve always found Walmart’s CS very accomodating when I try to return used underwear that I bought at Target.

I happened to be shopping at target today and, remembering this thread, thought i would check on the SV price. They had only one box hiding behind some other SV models. There was no price on the shelf and the price scanner couldn’t find a price so I took the box with me to checkout. They couldn’t find the price either so I asked at customer service and was told that it was “clearanced out of their system” but that the clearance price was $49.98.

I couldn’t resist another disposable test rig for $50! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads-up . . . checked my Target and they are still at $99 without any discounts . . . said to check back Sunday when items go on clearance
$49.98 - $2.50 RedCard discount = $47.48 would sure beat their previous best of $72
How many did your Target have on hand?

I didn’t ask them to check the computer for stock, but, as I said, the only one I saw on the shelf was the one I bought.

What a great opportunity to buy a cheap flight controller! I have this iching desire to tear mine apart and build my first DIY out of it using brushless motors…i just havent yet…wish someone would post a full tutorial on a re-frame. I’ve never built one before so i’d love to just watch a youtube video or follow a tutorial, getting the same parts, for my first DIY drone.

You probably got the last one . . . good score . . . a couple of Targets in my area still have 1 but haven’t been discounted yet. Another Target that didn’t have any said the V2450GPS had been reclassified as “salvage or return to mfg” in their system and that determination is made at store level not corporate.

hmm interesting. Because likely the new models will use the EXACT same hardware, but it appears the radios are differentand the camera sensor is different (based on the code changes). So they could easily repurpose the FCs in these that are left on the shelf. hmmm

I have also heard that items returned to big box stores don’t necessarily make it back to the distributor or manufacturer but go to some kind of middle-man that warehouses them.

I will be there Sunday. We have two stores

I’ve been watching videos of brushed to brushless conversions. I’m really wanting to try it with the SV.

Here’s one I was watching today that was pretty straightforward in the hardware and programming that needed modding. It was on a Cleanflight system.

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My closest Target doesn’t get much traffic and they have 3 on the shelf . . . potential MegaScore?

That looks really neat…and this may show my ignorance, but doesn’t the swept down legs really limit the size of propellers you can put on? I’m sure there is a good reason for this setup, just i don’t know it. From my understanding though, you are supposed to right size your props for the weight and such.

Anyways, that frame looks pretty awesome though. Are the yellow things LEDs?

Turbulence caused by the leg design is what pops into my mind but it was $19, free shipping and will be here tomorrow. Yes, the coolness factor and price outweighed logic :sunglasses: You’re right, those are LED headlights with connectors.

Recommanded parts(not included):
2204 motor
6045 propeller = 6"
3S 1300mah-1500mah Lipo CC3D or Naze32 flight controller

Maybe a good candidate for SV to brushless project. Top leg mounts look like they could use a little reinforcement.

I clipped the bar code from the box so I could quickly check the price scanners at a couple of Chicago area Target stores near my route to work this week. Unfortunately, they still have all been reporting $99.

Even less encouraging and a bit confusing, we were making a stop this morning at the Target where I purchased it for about $50 so figured I may as well check if it was showing the new price yet and found that it is once again reporting $99. I can understand why it might have been removed from the system at my store if it was going on clearance soon, but why is it now back at the old price?

Now I’m wondering if the customer service person who sold it to me for $49 even knew what she was talking about when she said it was no longer in the system because it was being “clearanced out”.

I’m happy to have found a spare for $50, but I’m sorry if I got everyone’s hopes up prematurely!

The store is close enough that we tend to shop nearly every week, so I may as well keep the UPC code in my pocket…

@brad112358 . . . not to worry, if it is on a store by store basis the rest may come around . . . or maybe your store got overly aggressive on clearance items . . . still following the remaining 2 on the shelf by me on Sundays . . . if nothing else you still have the 90 day Target guarantee.

I went to the TRU store here and they still maintain a $149 price tag and now only 20% off. Sill cheaper with the Walmart price.

That’s one reason they are going out of business.