Wall simple avoidance and lidars config

Hello guys,

I’m looking for some informations about simple objects avoidance.
I need to fly along a wall and want to use a 360 lidar to keep the drone following the wall safely and with a constant distance. I think that the RPLIDAR A2 would a a good choice.
But as the wall to inspect is often bellow the take off spot (take-off on roof), i should have an eye on the real altitude (under the drone). So i would use a second lidar (downward) to get the distance from ground on the telemetry.

My question is : will the second lidar considered by the Pixhawk as avoidance sensor ? (because i saw on arducopter the avoidance page that Only one proximity sensor source can be enabled, using either a 360 degree lidar or up to 9 rangefinders. While a second proximity sensor appears in the parameters list, it is not currently functional)

I want to be sure that this configuration works, so if someone had already made a similar setup, i would be please to get infos.


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When avoiding obstacles with RP Lidar A2, it was not necessary to set RP Lidar A2 as a rangefinder.
I have used RP Lidar A2 and LeddarOne at the same time. This was achieved according to the following document.

RPLidar A2 was supplied from BEC because there was not enough power from cube.

Thank you Mickey for the infos.