Walking Robot Project GSOC 2020

Dear Community

I am Utkarsh Mishra, currently a 3rd-year undergrad at IIT Roorkee, India. I went through all the pointers and am almost prepared for writing the proposal which I will be sharing soon.

I am very much interested in the walking robot integration project and also have prior experience in legged robotics basically with a bipedal robot. Although, I am aware of the fact that the project is focused on quadrupeds.

I wanted to discuss the expectations that the community has with this integration. As in the project description, the goals seemed just to have a basic legged robot model with static balance and mostly quasi-static balanced movement abilities. Is that so?

Furthermore, it would be great if the simulations can be performed using Gazebo. As the description also talks about procuring a suitable frame, will it include HIL simulations?

I am sorry for such a late response to the community as I was exploring the Arducopter configuration and setup files to get the idea of the working and to plan the implementation of the quadruped. Also as the project description is so brief, it gives rise to immense possibilities. I will be grateful if I get the guidance of what direction to ponder on. @OlivierB @ppoirier


Please refer to this link for details:

And discussions are generally held on the GSoC Gitter

As a side note, the dev team just finished the annual meeting, so the availability of mentors is reduced at the moment.

@ppoirier Thank you very much for the information, I went through the Giitter Chats and got all the informations.

I wanted to request you to please provide me with the mentors for the legged robot project, if possible.
I will be grateful if that can be done.