Wait after landing


Is it (if yes, then how?) possible to achieve an auto mission execution behavior of waiting on the ground after landing and then takeing off again?

I.e. Fly somewhere, land, wait on the ground, then takeoff again and fly further.

I suspect, that MAV_CMD_NAV_LOITER_TIME on the ground could be dangeorus, beause copter doesn’t know that it is landed? Or I’m wrong?


I think it should be possible to put a LAND in the middle of a mission and it won’t disarm as long as the pilot’s throttle doesn’t go to zero and There’s a plan to migrate to a shared mission library for Plane, Rover and Copter and when we do that we will include a proper check that it only disarms when LAND is the last command in the mission.

Hi Rmackay9,

Yes, that is true - LAND in the middle of the mission works great (tested) and copter does not disarm if throttle is not at zero and does a take-off if DO_TAKEOFF command is put after LAND. But the question was - what should I put in between LAND and TAKEOFF commands to make the copeter to wait for some time on the ground.

It looks like there is a ‘Condition Delay’ as a Waypoint command with ‘Time in Seconds’ that you could put after the ‘Land’ and before the ‘Takeoff’ command. Haven’t tried it myself but would think that is the logical command setup. Let us know how it works…

Hmm…I’m not sure it’s possible. I think the delay command may only delay other conditional commands and not navigation commands. I think it may not be possible.

Thats is true indeed.

Another idea could be to insert a waypoint navigation command with land point coordinates and desired wait in hold-time parameter in between land and takeoff, but I’m afraid that copter will try to fly towards this point and will crash itself on the ground in some awkward way. Havn’t yet tried it.