Wait after landing

Hey guys,

I am trying to create a mission to fly in auto mode in which the drone lands within the mission, and I want it to wait for x amount of seconds and then take off. I DO NOT want the drone to land and then immedialty take off.

So recently what I did to create this delay between landing and taking off was using a waypoint cmd and setting the altitude to 0. This is before I realized that setting alt to 0 would keep the current altitude. However instead of the drone keeping its current altitude it just fell from the air and crashed. This leads me to threequestions:

  1. When does land command know its finished?
    Meaning when does the next command in the mission get executed?

  2. Would Conditional delay command be the right command to use between landing and takeoff?
    I want the delay to occur only after the drone has landed.

  3. Should the drone falling out of the air have happened? Or should it have stayed in the air?

I have attached a image of my mission. Let me know if anyone has a good idea.