VTOL Y3 power configuration

Hi everyone!
i have a question.
I want to build a vtol y-3 configuration(2 front motor tiltable).
I need MTOW 4Kg
2h of endurance (mixed , cruise take off and landing)
The plane I have considered to start is the Skywalker x8.
It has 2.2 meter of wingspan and 70 dm squares of wing surface .

I need to understand what propeller-motors-bactery I have to buy , to have the 2h of endurance.

i find a vtol with the same features of mine model(weight and wing area and endurance I need)
it has
sunnysky x4112-458kv
1470 tmotor propeller
sony VTC6 18650 6S 1800 mAh lion bactery.

So, if I try to put this parameter in eCalc , it doesn’t give to me the same results, about 30 minutes of mixed flyght .

thanks for your attention
hope i can be helped