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VTOL Ttricopter Y3 <<>> Mini Skyhunter

(Atico) #21

Hello vtolbirdeye,
I’m happy to see another MSH transformation in VTOL. It really looks very strong structurally. I would increase the distance between the CG and the rear motor >> the rear motor will stabilize the model better and consume less.

I would start with MP; then you will discover QGC.

Do not be afraid with Pixhawk & Arduplane. Any questions that arise will be happy to help you.

Atico from Bilbao

(vtolpeter) #22

Hi Atico,
Thank you for your response.
The distance of the rear engine from the CG has come out so that the CG is right. The rear engine function I understand … I will try to do nothing about it.
For the sake of interest, I also adjust the “Big Brother” 1800 mm Skyhunter as VTOL but the Quard Arrangement
Best Regards
vtolbirdeye from Slovak Republic