VTOL, Tri Tiltrotor, Right yaw during Transition, Strange DesYaw in Log

During the transitions QHover to FBWB or QStabilize to FBWA the Skywalker Wing turns 10 to 30 degrees right. While analizing the log, I discovered that the ATT.DesYaw shows Zero exept during the transitions. And in this time it increases, means yaw to right.
In the pics below I show this one time without ATT.Yaw and one time with ATT.Yaw to see better DesYaw FW 3.9.8

May be, that strange Log Info has to to with the desired Yaw (DesYaw)
Also to see here:

And here the graph of above Google pic

Hi Lorbass,

did you ever find out why it was doing this?

No answer from the Devs. And therefore I stopped this project. The seems not of interrest.
The whole transition was bad. It needed to help manually with full throttle, else it did not reach the nescessary speed to complet the transition.

Terrible, how careless of them!

So, have you ever tried to fly a tailsitter in qstabilize at 90 deg like a plane? Then you’d get yaw stabilization unlike in fbwa

As you can see in the video below, the max Angle was 60° in QHover.
This is the same wing as used for the Tri-Tilt.
After the bad experience as Tri Tilt I wanted to go back to this Belly Sitter.
But then with a newer Firmware and the same Params, this good performance was no more
to achieve, cracy behavior. An thats the reason why I did not continue with VTOL’s.

oh, ok, say do you know of any parameters that would be critical to change for a really heavy dual motor tailsitter? like in excess of 100 lbs or more?