VTOL, TRI Rotor, Yaw control with rudder in hover mode

I have almost finished building a VTOL tri rotor vehicle based on the Finwing Transformer airframe. It differs from any other vehicle i have seen in one way. the vertical tail/rudder rotates with the aft engine when it transitions from plane to multi-rotor (MR) mode. in MR mode what was the vertical tail/rudder sits above the aft rotor and can be moved using the same servo it uses to move the rudder in plane mode. you can see in the attached picture. the concept is to use the same yaw controls in hover as in flight. has anyone ever built anything like this? will the ardupilot software work for this? my current plan is to use a sailplane type rotor blade on the aft engine which will streamline back in plane flight with the two front props acting as tractors for the vehicle. this is for search and rescue use.



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