VTOL Tandem Tilt-Wing with 8 Propellers

Hi all,

I am interested in implementing a VTOL tandem wing platform with 8 propellers.

The platform that I have in mind closely follows the Airbus Vahana and the NASA LA-8 Aerodrome.

I was wondering whether this is something which can be implemented on the stock Plane 4.08 firmware. As far as I can tell the platforms have the following features -

  1. Tandem wings with control surfaces on both the fore and aft wings.
  2. For the LA-8 there is an additional V-tail.
    3.The propeller directions for the LA-8 are shown below. In hover this is akin to an octocopter in a H configuration, where the H is rotated by 90 degrees and the motor directions are the same on either side of the aircraft.

  1. Variable pitch on some or all of the propellers for the Vahana. Though I suspect there is not enough motor channels in the firmware.

Appreciate any suggestions the you might have. Thank you.