VTOL simulation in gazebo

Hi, I’m trying to setup a simulation of a quadplane in Gazebo. I’ve added an entry in vehicleInfo.py, I’ve created a .parm file with INS calibration and I have a quadplane model with the ArduPilotPlugin which connects to the ArduPlane SITL.

The problem I’m facing now, is that the moment ArduPlane connects to Gazebo, it starts sending motor commands to the rotors, even though the UAV is disarmed, so the rotors are spinning (albeit slowly). When trying to fly a mission the UAV arms but the rotors do not increase in speed. I am thinking I might have to map the servos correctly, but is there an overview of which output channels are default for a quadplane setup in SITL?

Barbara, did you manage to simulate a VTOL with SITL and Gazebo?