VTOL RTL Questions

Hello! In the flight modes for my Nimbus VTOL (using Pixhawk 2.1), I see “QRTL”. In the “Mission Planning” section using Mission Planner there is only an option to select “RTL” not “QRTL”.

Will RTL and QRTL behave the same if I have QRTL Enabled in my parameters.? Or will the plane just loiter around the home point?
I need to add a RTL to my Mission and have it perform a VTOL landing at the end.
Thanks, Jeff

No. If you want to have RTL followed by a VTOL landing, you need to set Q_RTL_MODE to 1, see https://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/quadplane-flying.html#hybrid-rtl

When this is activated, changing the mode to RTL will make the plane perform a hybrid RTL (fly back as a fixed-wing before transiting to VTOL at the landing point). But if you change mode to QRTL, it will fly back to the landing point all the way as a VTOL.