VTOL/Quadplane: Align/Brake props in Plane-Mode

Hey, I´m working on a big VTOL/Quadplane project. I´ve run into the problem that during fixed-wing flight the props of the quad-motors are spinning/free wheeling due to the wind. This induces a lot of drag and disturbs the smooth airflow over the wing leading to an instable flight. Is there a way to align the props with the booms and lock them in plane-modes?

I´m using T-Motor X-U8II motors with integrated Alpha ESCs controlled by an CUAV x5+ using the newest Arduplane firmware.

Thanks for your help!

Contact T-motor, maybe they can make motors for you like these.

Shouldnt it be possible to use the back EMF of the motors to determine position and use regular ESC braking to hold position?