VTOL motor stops when yaw

Hello, I have an issue with VTOL, when I am trying to fly in QSTABILIZE mode all motors spins fine it flies normally, I can do roll and pitch movements but when I try to yaw one of the motors stop and the drone just fall to the ground after this all motors work fine and you can fly again. The frame is quite large and I know that it is hard to yaw this big frame but it still should be able to do this. What could it be? Frame types, classes and motor spin directions are good, wiring seems good too, checked, the only thing that I am aware of that the power wires for ESC’s is quite long and maybe I get power loss? Log: https://we.tl/t-40opIWFUIk

Hi Sarunas,

You can try recalibrating all the ESCs together using the procedure here. You may also want to try increasing the Q_M_SPIN_MIN or Q_M_SPIN_ARM parameter so that the motor ESC cannot be signaled low enough to shut off.

Good luck and welcome to the VTOL Plane forum!

Thank you! I am going to try this