VTOL issue in Loiter Mode

Flight Controller - Cube
Firmware Version - v4.0.8

Air Frame Intro
I have a VTOL with vectoring tri-copter design, 2 motors in front of the wing with pitch tilt and 1 motor in between tail and the wing on the fuselage with yaw tilt. The single motor on the tail side stops when we switch to FBWA giving us forward propulsion with the 2 motors mounted on the wing side. I am using 3 flight modes, Stabilize, FBWA and Loiter at the moment.

Flight is perfectly fine in Stabilize and FBWA modes with perfect lift/Takeoff, transition and VTOL Hovering/Landing but switching to Loiter mode either during takeoff or during hover results in severe wobbling and results in a crash.

Reference video, log and parameter file is attached for reference.

Video (Highlighted Issue at 1:35): https://youtu.be/7b1zgyvu078

Parameter File: vtoll param tricopter 1.param (21.4 KB)

Flight Log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArRALzhETVDGyH6e3oQ9sdJOqOxK?e=pEKHC3

looks like need to tune the altitude controller, it was doing the right things, it was just too slow to respond.

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Can you guide me please , how can we tune the altitude ,


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