VTOL / High Alpha launch/landing

I’m not sure if there is another thread for this but thought I would post here.

I predominantly fly Delta wings. I’ve been working on a bicopter design for VTOL but wanted to see if something was possible with Arduplane. When the wing is in forward flight, everything would be normal, if changing the flight mode to a “Q_xxxxxxx” mode where the plane would normally tilt it’s a rotors upward for hover, could this be set up in a manner in which the plane or flying wing enters a high alpha state, stabilizes itself before descending?

I see how this could be problematic for a pusher configuration because they would be no ability for thrust factoring with the elevans, but maybe possible on a tractor configuration?

I realize this would not work for all platforms as some may not have enough thrust to accomplish this.

Would love to hear if anyone want to send something similar!


That souds like a single motor tailsitter? I have not seen actual example but it is supported.

Sounds like a non-vectored tailsitter, and either single or dual motor depending on the configuration of the plane. Since he mentioned “bicopter” it sounds like it might be a dual-motor setup.

Theoretically a vectored tailsitter could work in a pusher configuration.

Good point. yes it should be non-vectored dual motor tailsitter.