VTOL Hand Controller

Hi all,

Question, I’m used to having GCS on my hand controller yet most of these, if not all of them, come with a spring loaded throttle.

Is this a problem for VTOLs or is it highly recommended to have your standard unassisted “free” throttle?

If it is, does anyone know of all in one GCS which as unassisted throttles?

If you are using a GPS based mode then the spring throttle will be fine. the motors won’t start moving until the throttle stick is past the halfway point. The throttle is controlling the speed of ascent/descent, it is not controlling the speed of the motors.
If you are using a mode like FBWA, the throttle will be controlling the speed of the motors, hence you should have an un-sprung throttle for this.

Thanks for your quick reply. It will be used for training new pilots so I’m assuming having FBWA demonstrations and practice in this mode would be the best for learning.

Any all in one ground controllers that have a graduated throttle?

in the 4.2 code (not in 4.1, sorry) we have a new FLIGHT_OPTIONS bit which when enabled makes mid-throttle map to TRIM_THROTTLE. This makes things more comfortable for cruising with a sprung throttle.

That’s a great idea! Lots of GCS hand controllers can be used then and still use FBWA mode for training etc.

Using the trim throttle would set a mid point, then increase it in increments as you increase or decrease the spring throttle?