VTOL gain its altitude continually in auto mode


Bin Log file link:2023-07-03 12-13-49.bin - Google Drive

I have successfully flown my VTOL several times, but this time, when engaged to auto mode, VTOL Plane climbed up continually.

so I am posting this to seek assistance in analyzing a log.

VTOL model: XuWing VTBird 4+1
Model link: XUWING VTBIRD 4+1 kits + New Power Combo_VTBIRD 1.6M VTOL_VTBIRD 1.6M VTOL_XUWING/FINWING FPV UAV Aircraft
Flight Controller (FC): Pixhawk Cube Orange
Remote Controller (RC): H16 Pro
Ground Control Station (GCS): Mission Planner
Telemetry: Using the H16 Pro’s Hotspot