VTOL for mapping with Sony A6000?

What VTOL-plane do you recommend for mapping with a Sony A6000-camera?

I am used to MFE Believer which there is a VTOL-kit for, but that is a plane that have been converted. Maybe it is better to get a plane that is specially made for VTOL.

I am also used to FireFLY6, but that one is getting old (2014).


I’ve done a fair bit of work with VTOL believers, I can tell you they do just fine with a6000 payloads. The construction for the conversion parts is a bit wonky in places, but overall I’m happy with the outcome. You can expect about an hour of flight time, which is way less than a well set up normal Believer, but it makes sense when you consider the power system de-optimization from forward flight towards quad flight and then the overall increased weight.

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We got a MFE Freeman 2300 home a while ago (oct 24th). So problem solved, for now. Only opened it and inspected the parts (a lot of damages on the EPO). Thats it. :slight_smile: Havent had the time to look at it more, yet. Have three Believers (one old that flies very well and two new versions), none of them VTOL though.

There are a lot more VTOLs today on the market than two years ago. Summer 2014 we got the FireFLY6.