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VTOL for mapping with Sony A6000?

What VTOL-plane do you recommend for mapping with a Sony A6000-camera?

I am used to MFE Believer which there is a VTOL-kit for, but that is a plane that have been converted. Maybe it is better to get a plane that is specially made for VTOL.

I am also used to FireFLY6, but that one is getting old (2014).


Take a look at this project here, they have an awesome VTOL platform, electric motors for the quads then gas for the pusher with on-board generator to keep the VTOL motors with full batteries. The model I have use would only fit the a6000 in portrait but they have made a larger one that fits the a6 landscape. It has very good capability and have seen it map 1500 acres 2000 ft AGL in about 25 minutes, not including the decent back to land.

I’ve done a fair bit of work with VTOL believers, I can tell you they do just fine with a6000 payloads. The construction for the conversion parts is a bit wonky in places, but overall I’m happy with the outcome. You can expect about an hour of flight time, which is way less than a well set up normal Believer, but it makes sense when you consider the power system de-optimization from forward flight towards quad flight and then the overall increased weight.

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We got a MFE Freeman 2300 home a while ago (oct 24th). So problem solved, for now. Only opened it and inspected the parts (a lot of damages on the EPO). Thats it. :slight_smile: Havent had the time to look at it more, yet. Have three Believers (one old that flies very well and two new versions), none of them VTOL though.

There are a lot more VTOLs today on the market than two years ago. Summer 2014 we got the FireFLY6.

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