VTOL EDF jet with 5 edf units

Can I use Ardupilot on this?
There are two main swivelling EDF units 90mm,
plus one for pitch trim and lift assist, and two more for roll trim.
The two main EDF units are not balance fore and aft.

Please point me to any similar implementations.

This is similar to the F-35 setup.

Sounds like it’s probably possible to configure.
This is the closest I can think of: R/C F-35B: Accurate Flight Sim Model! - YouTube

Anything is possible! :slight_smile:
This is a substantially modified version of Ardupilot.
Maybe I am better off sticking with the Arduino environment for now.
Maybe branch into pro boards?- those specs are pretty good, and not too expensive.

I will give it a tryout when my Arduino Zero arrives.

The scripts (sketches) probably get a bit unmanageable for bigger systems.
I need to tie in my sensors, set up s-bus…
Some GPS would be nice, for return-to-base?
There is heaps of code available to try out and tack together.
I wonder how long it will take to bust 256K flash?

Not long if you’re basing off Ardupilot. We struggle to squeeze into 1MB!

I am looking at Multiwii, with extensions.

I haven’t had a read yet, but GPS, barometer, pitot tube, may be extra addons.
It does have gyro/accelerometer capability.

I have a magnetometer, but that is redundant if the gps works ok.

Is there standard gps code, or does the GPS/Glonass need some sort of driver?

I also need to add the S-bus.

I don’t know how many i/o lines are needed for each sensor.
I will do a bit of study.

I don’t need all the nav stuff. , though autopilot orbit, autoland, and return to base, sound
like useful functions to add.

I don’t know how much code each of these functions will add, but apparently 256k will do
a couple of thousand lines.

Whether I continue with Arduino depends on how awkward it is to handle with larger systems.

  • more study is needed.

I can easily get a pro Arduino setup with 2 gigs eprom, faster processor, more memory, Python, etc.
I am not sure how the plug system works, though- maybe it needs a dedicated I/O extension-
it has 80 pinouts in the main plug.