VTOL Cube orange Current consumption issue

Hi Folks

I have made a VTOL 5120 290 kv emax motors as Quad setup(its a Skywalker X8 model)
I am using cube orange how ever when I arm and check the throttle response each motor should pull 17A on full throttle.
I have checked with the direct esc it has no problem its running with 17 A on full throttle.
When i run the VTOL in Q hover mode or Qstab mode amp consumption is constantly dropping down.
Setup info:
Emax 5120 290KV * 4
Xrotor 40 A esc’s * 4
Pixhawk cube Orange
Mauch 4-6 s (power module)
Lipo 22.2V 6s 10400mah 35C.

Please help me with this issue when I buy pass the signal through cube orange it is doing this issue.

Thanks in advance