Vtol crash due to throttle disarm in mid flight

hello experts could you please have a look on my log and help me in finding reason of crash , their is a message of throttle disarm in mid flight. i faced same issue with both vtol

Hitting the Disarm Switch would do it…


But we didn’t touched the rc

None the less the Chan 7 input saw a change so that answers your question. Now you need to troubleshoot why there was an uncommanded RC channel change. And in the meantime disable the Arm/disarm switch option.

Edit: Graph the RCIN’s. There are glitches on multiple channels (7,8,11,12,13). What RC system are you using?

Thankyou for your support

I had same issue with RFDesign and Vtol based on OrangeCube. Had to setup fialsafe properly on RFDEsign. Without it during failsafe state it was transmiting 1000usec and that is why it disarm midflight (throttle disarm) . Test it before on bench by switch off RC.