VTOL crash after 30h, power or software failure?

I had a crash where I don’t cant find the reason. Power or software failure? The airframe had up to that point ~30h of flighttime without issues.

Software: 4.0.5
Frame: Tiltrotor VTOL


  • Cube Black
  • RasPi Companion
  • LTE for MAVlink and video

I was flying a auto mission monitored via LTE connection to Missionplanner, QGC and live video.
1:20h into flight the plane stopped sending mavlink messages but the video stream still worked.
I saw the plane crashing via live video ~12sec after the last telemetry data where received.
The plane was resting 200m from the last logged (dataflash and tlog) position.

I have ~8 years experience flying Ardupilot (Copter, Plain/VTOL) but can’t find this time the reason for the crash.

For me everything looks good regarding power und hardware…
Some hints how to detect a software or hardware problem would be nice!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here some graphs from dataflash log.